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Peg’s ministry is assisting clergy and ministers in transition. First, by providing a confidential listener and then assisting them in skill-building, discernment and situation assessment. Other service areas are discernment of where the Spirit is leading their calling and discovering options in alternative ministry. If a minister has decided to leave active ministry, services offered are training to determine translatable skills for a secular marketplace, resume development, interview training and transitional career coaching.

She has 35 years experience in engineering as a manager and an executive. For 5 years, she was an in-house consultant for a Fortune 500 company assisting upper management in the areas of career transformation, personnel empowerment and enhancing cross departmental communication. She is a trained multi-party dispute mediator on complex issues and issues concerning diversity. She has done graduate level negotiation and conflict resolution studies at Northwestern University’s Sloan School of Management and the dynamics of organization at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked with professionals undergoing the stresses of transition due to downsizing, mergers and organizational changes. She applies skills developed in the corporate world to assist ministers facing challenges in their call or congregations, to understand situational congregation dynamics, to explore options for alternative ministry and to discernment for the direction of the call.

Peg provides individual assistance to clergy / ministers in transition. Contact her via email.


2 Responses to About. . .

  1. so glad to have come across your blog! I’m transitioning out of ministry and into a new calling as a career counselor with a similar vision to your own. I look forward to reading more and keeping in touch.

    Be well,

  2. Fr Stephen Moore says:

    Just discovered your site, Peg, this is a subject of considerable interest here the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. Please keep me posted.

    Kind regards,
    Fr Stephen.

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